Industries we've served

Over the past twenty five years client’s have called on us to resolve an interesting variety of issues from succession planning in family firms to fighting global cartels. We advise them as they negotiate with capital sources, change the markets they serve, refine how they extract value, rebuild competitive distinctions, or redefine their culture.

  • Privatized water development and operations
  • Wholesale agricultural production
  • Medical equipment manufacture
  • Less than Truck Load trucking
  • Wholesale food distribution
  • Food Processing
  • Retail grocery
  • Restaurants
  • Business Application Software
  • Business Enterprise Software
  • Real estate development and construction  (residential, and commercial)
  • Wood product manufacture
  • Airframe  manufacturing
  • Aviation parts manufacturing
  • Banking
  • Venture Leasing
  • Tax advantage financing
  • Public Utility, power and water
  • Newspaper chain
  • Hardgoods retail
  • Residential Construction
  • Resort Development
  • Private distributed power generation
  • Equipment manufacturing

Being selected as a Client

When selecting Clients, we look for situations where:

  • We can make a material difference in shareholder value within 12-24 months.
  • Improvements can be sustained by management.
  • The majority of the C-level executives will be a part of the go forward plan

We favor situations where we serve as an advisor to the Board and CEO, as opposed to interim CEO responsibilities. Each Client has its own style and personality, as do Consultants.

During an initial interview we will explore the nature of the opportunity you face, the types of challenges anticipated, and discuss possible approaches. After initial discussions we will outline the goals of the engagement, an approximate time frame, a list of project team members, and an estimate of fees.

Although most of our clients are larger, we have had some very successful engagements with smaller firms, those with Enterprise Value as low as $10 million. For smaller firms we also offer seminars, self help material, and some pro bono services. For information, please contact us at or directly through the form on this site.


Serving the world from the Pacific Northwest 

Client’s have requested the Mountain group’s assistance at locations around the world.  Our onsite activities have called us to multiple locations in Western and Central Europe, Latin America, Japan and the Philippines.   We also have been asked to analyze or assess facilities throughout Asia, Africa, and South East Asia.