Our principals are each experienced CEO's who have guided a variety of industries in locales around the world. Moreover, our practices are thoroughly vetted against available academic knowledge as well as our own real world experience.

Kevin Adams
Managing Director, Principal

Mr. Adams has for twenty five years guided firms through periods of turbulence. His operating background includes CEO or COO positions in retail and distribution companies, restaurants, food manufacturing, software,  and construction companies.

In addition he has served as the turnaround consultant, or strategic advisor to firms in a variety of industries around the world.  Client industries include: distributed generation, privatized water, equipment manufacturing, bedding pack flowers, LTL trucking, restaurants, food manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, wholesale food distribution, construction, real estate development, wood products, retail food, software, newspapers, digital imaging, retail hard goods, and medical imaging. Mr. Adams’s practice often includes guiding acquisition or divestiture of business units. He has guided strategic change in companies in United States, Asia, Latin America, Western, and Central Europe.

Mr. Adams recent work has been focused on restructuring successful corporations to ensure continued growth, and on guiding Chapter 11 reorganizations.  Recent clients have included Western Tool Supply, and The Columbian Newspaper, both of which successfully reorganized in 2010 using Chapter 11.

He earned his BS degree from Willamette University, and his MBA from the University of Washington. He is married with three children and two grand daughters!  He enjoys skiing, horse packing, and fly fishing.  HIs residence is in the mountains of Central Oregon.

Craig Longfield

Mr. Longfield’s practice focuses upon capital markets and commercial banking structuring and negotiation, business restructuring, merger and acquisition transactions and strategic repositioning.

During his 35 year professional career, Mr. Longfield has held senior management positions at PacifiCorp, PacifiCorp Financial Services, (including subsidiaries Vermont Castings and ColorSpot). In addition, Mr. Longfield held several senior level positions with Bank of America in San Francisco, Chicago, New York and London.

As Chairman of numerous companies during periods of acute corporate stress, Mr. Longfield has actively directed the sale or repositioning of entities, leading due diligence, transaction structuring and negotiating activities.

Mr. Longfield received a BS in International Economics from the University of Washington, and his MBE from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Staff & Specialists

Supporting the Principles, we have assembled skilled staff members and a group of associated consultants. At crucial moments of change, often a wide range of issues need to be addressed, and a variety of changes implemented. Accordingly, we maintain associations with a breadth of individual consultants. From presentation coaching to team building; from financial modeling to data mining; from manufacturing layout to sales call practices, we have capabilities to address the crucial issues facing you.

Mark Frandsen

Luke Thompson

Justin Hutts

Tiffany Christopherson
Executive Assistant